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Tapping Points

Tapping Points

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The purpose of this one hour and a half session is not to diagnose. This is a meeting (face to face or online) set up to help me understand you, the big picture of your emotional life and how I can help you specifically short and long term.

This initial consultation is also for you to test the EFT therapy with my professional guidance and support. At the end, a follow up and summary with my insight will be send over to you so we can decide together on the therapy course best suited for you at this time.

What is EFT?

” A simple yet remarkable emotional healing tool that reduces stress and brings you back to your real self.”

About Juliana

You are probably reading this because you`re looking for a solution to the problems mentioned earlier or similar. Just a few years ago I found myself in a similar situation of deep fatigue and burned out. Even though I was eating very healthy (a plant-based diet), exercised daily and avoided any excess that could harm my health, I could not break away from the chronic fatigue and the depression that gripped me.

Keeping an open mind, I embarked on a journey where I`ve learned the new, cutting age methods of Energy Psychology choosing to train because I couldn`t find a therapist in my area to help me with regular sessions. I think is important to mention here that I earned a BA degree in Psychology back in 2005 and I am fully aware and tried many of all the old school therapies that are out there, but none came even close to the results and relief I experienced with EFT and Matrix Reimprinting.

Because of this experience, I made it my life purpose to help people become free from the effects of long-term stress, depression and childhood trauma just as I did.

You don`t have to believe it to try it. Book now your first session for free and start experiencing it for yourself.